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A glimpse into the past

This post has been revoked as of 2020-03-11. Sorry for that!

Andrej Biasic

This is a little review of my blog in the spirit of this post's title. It is meant to substitute the post above that I had to remove.

So far my blog has seven installments.

The very first one was my introduction (of course). What I failed to get at that time was that I debuted telling about something that is a complete failure of mine.
Heh... So much for building trust with my readers...

The second installment was about validating dates using a regular expression. I intended to come up with something completely original. I hope I have succeeded in that as I never stumbled upon anything similar to that regex before in my many years reading technical blogs.

The next post was explaining the very first steps I give when for whatever reason I have to work on an unfamiliar VB6 codebase.
It seems to be the most popular so far: 22 unique visits! Yay!!
(Even though the visits' number for my site is very low, that's OK. I never supposed there were troves of avid VB6-deprived people out there waiting to flood this obscure blog.)
By the way, I still intend to write its second part.

In my next publishing - this original one -, I made a mistake: I posted some texts that were selected to go on another site years ago and, in doing that, it would allow anyone to make the connections between my Andrej Biasic persona and my real one.

(I noticed I never spelled it out before, so maybe now is the time: Andrej Biasic is a pseudonym. My real name is not that and I do not look like the thispersondoesnotexist picture that is on my About Me page.
I did that because even though I wanted to blog about a dead / dying language, I rather not be labeled because of that. This is just one side of myself. It does not mean it is the only one or even the main one, it is just the one I am willing to expose for now.)

The article remained online for around two weeks until I decided to pull it off.

If you indulge me in another little detour from this review:

I opted to write about a 20-plus-years-old language because there is a lot of legacy code out there written in it and there is not anyone talking about the language anymore.
The ones that used to program in it are either retiring, retired, or dead.
Of course, there are still some fora out there where one could post their questions, but they do not seem to be noob friendly.
So maybe, and just maybe, this blog will be useful to someone who does not know the language but has to deal with it anyway.

Back to the review: Every programmer has their share of bad code, and I shared about the most shameful one I ever did in my post of 2020-03-11.
If you read its first version, go back there. I updated it with an actual piece of code this time.

My next post was about the elephant in the room: VB (and BASIC) is a hat(r)ed language.
Every time something related to VB pops up online it inevitably attracts trolls. I suppose I have been free of them so far because this blog does not have a comment section and it is too much of a hassle to send me an e-mail just to let me know how much one hates VB and I am a terrible person for writing about it and I should die.
I talked about the harshest criticism BASIC ever received, and an unjust one for what matters.

And last but not at least there's the article about the leaking concept of indexes in string search functions.
I don't remember ever reading anyone approaching this subject before, so it is another effort of mine to be original.
Also, hopefully, the code there can be useful to someone.

Andrej Biasic