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Facing mortality

This is my first non-technical post.
Our current state of affairs made me want to share my thoughts about life and death and everything in between.

I almost died at least three times before.

When I was a child, my family went to the beach. As my parents regarded me as one the most reasonable guy among their children, they left me to go to the water unattended.
I wanted to see how far I was able to boldly go. Mind you, I can't swim.
When the water was at my chest's height, I was hit by a wave that took my feet from the ground.
I went down the first time. Then I went a second one. When I was going to go down one more time, the one I feared would be my last, I was able to touch the ground. I think a gentle wave put me on my feet again.

If I'm not mistaken, I never told my parents about it. To this day I can't swim, even though I had some swimming lessons.

The second time was the weirdest.
I've gotten the flu, and I was alone at home. All of a sudden, my throat was blocked with what felt to be a thin layer of mucus. I tried to breathe, but could not break it. I remember falling to my knees, hands around my neck unable to breathe when it spontaneously plopped. My temperature rapidly rose, my nose ran, but I was inhaling old good air again.

The third time was when I was driving my car on a two-lane highway. I had my wife and my niece with me. When I was going to pass the car at my front, several cars at my back did it first.
I waited for them but failed to notice that when they were gone, my passing was not safe any longer. I went to the other lane, speeded up, and then saw a car coming to me. Fortunately, it was distant enough so I had time to react. Unfortunately, my reaction was wrong. I went to the other lane's shoulder at the same time the other car did the same thing. This time I just stopped the car, and the other driver went back to his lane. It took me some time to stop shaking and go on with my drive.

So, having these close encounters to death, it's not like I never think about my mortality. I do, but I'm used to thinking it is in the distant future.
I expect to go at least to my 80s. I'm not sure I'll succeed, but that's the plan.

Then COVID-19 happened. By a random sequence of sad facts and some sheer luck, it struck when I was already (temporarily) working out of office in a small town.
My brother works in a big city, though, and I fear for him and his family.
My niece's brother-in-law died from COVID-19.

While it has taken hundreds of thousands of lives from the big city I came from, it is not a thing here yet. We are practicing social distancing, washing our hands frequently, and wearing masks, though. The bad news is that now COVID-19 is expected to reach the hinterlands.

As a fan of science-fiction, I care very much about science. It pains me to see some people in denial, be it denying science or just plain reality.
Some of the world's leaders are not leading. Some are rushing to get back to "normal", even though it is not the right time yet.
So far I'm lucky my company minds its employee's lives and I still have a job, but I don't know what will happen in the next weeks.

Regarding this blog, I have at least 11 pre-written posts and still intend to drop them one by one on Wednesdays.
If I miss one, maybe I didn't make it. I can't ask anyone to update here about me. Only my wife knows I have a blog, but she's just a regular computer user - wouldn't know how to start with HTML, for instance (All my HTML's posts are manually crafted by me.) And she does not speak English.

I would not like to end this post with a sad tone, though.

As I already said, I enjoy heavy metal and hard rock. The problem is that I'm not seeing new things happening in this field. More of the same bores me.
The last band that caught me completely by surprise was BABYMETAL - actually, not only me but the whole heavy-metal scene. But I'm not going to talk about them.

A couple of years ago I've started listening to Electro Swing. For some reason, it pleases me even though it has nothing to do with rock.
Something that is keeping me sane going through all of this is a South Korean band called Momoland.
Don't get me started on how it is creeping an old fart like me watching these kinda-sexy dressed, beautiful young women dancing and singing.
I know it is, but I don't care. Their music is good. I can hear it on a loop over and over again and don't get tired.

Hey, maybe you should try it too!
Here are four of their Electro Swing songs - actually, their only four Electro Swing songs so far:

Bboom Bboom
I'm so Hot
Thumbs Up

Keep safe.

Andrej Biasic
I don't have a job anymore.

Andrej Biasic