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Roderick Marmelade strikes again

I thought I was done with Roderick Marmelade, but then I've found this conversation I had with an ex-coworker three and a half years ago.
The last time we talked about Roderick, I was unsure if I was able to deliver how bad a manager he is.
I focused on his lowlights, but it is in the day-to-day that he... what's the opposite of "shines?"

Anyway, to give some context, I interviewed William (not his real name) for a position in a client.
He was inexperienced but had a lot of enthusiasm, passion for learning, good communication skills, and knew the tool required by the client.
I suggested Roderick hire him and he did it.

Then he asked me to follow up with William for a few weeks at the client's office.

During my tenure at my now former job, I collected information about this particular client with at least five different persons.
They were unanimous: It was a hostile client and environment, and our remote manager there - working from Mexico - was spineless.
While I was there I could confirm they were right.

But life went on and one year and a half later Willian pinged me.
What follows is my translation of our convo.

[William says:]
Good afternoon!
Still remember me?
[Andrej says:]
Good afternoon.

[William says:]
[Andrej says:]
How you doing?
[William says:]
I'm doing fine!
Let me ask you something, I'm at a loss
[Andrej says:]
[William says:]
<e-mail app> is displaying John Doe as my manager
Then I've been told I should add him to <appraisal system>
[Andrej says:]
He is our CEO.
[William says:]
But it should be wrong, right?
[Andrej says:]
I suppose... He is the CEO... But he "appeared" as my manager for a while, though. When I was on bench.
[William says:]
Oh. Got it
Maybe someone put me on bench by mistake?
Because his name is coming as my manager
Because I would like to do those procedures in <appraisal system>
Because apparently I will never get a raise
[Andrej says:]
You can check to what project you are allocated to in <another system>.
[William says:]
<another system>
I'll see it
Give me a min
[William says:]
<Screenshot where it is clear he was on bench>
[Andrej says:]
Yup, you are on bench since January.
Aren't you working anymore to <client>? Or are you in vacation?
[William says:]
I'm working at <client> as usual
[Andrej says:]
Then send an e-mail to Roderick asking why you are on bench.
[William says:]
Hmm. OK
[Andrej says:]
If no one fixes it until the end of the month, it can't be changed anymore.
You will be on bench, at least for January.
It happened to me.
I've spent longer than a month asking for my manager to allocate me to the project.
He didn't; my record now shows I was on bench in November. Even though I was already working on that project.
[William says:]
Is this for anything?
[Andrej says:]
Yes, it is.
[William says:]
Because if it does not, I won't be begging to get it
[Andrej says:]
If you spend too much time on bench, you'll become a candidate to be fired.
[William says:]
I will send it right now to John Doe
[Andrej says:]
Or to another project. Bench means you're being paid without being productive.
They will either re-allocate you or fire you after a while.
[William says:]
Got it
I'm going after this
I'm talking to <HR>
[Andrej says:]
[William says:]
Thank you very much, Andrej
Having to go after this is super disrespectful, isn't it? My God
[Andrej says:]
Welcome to my world... :(
[William says:]
Oh my God
Sorry to vent with you, what a ridiculous company
It has no sense of organization
To this day I never got any feedback
No one had ever come to <client> in the last year and a half.

I changed everything here
The client loves us
No one says thank you
<Company> is hard. My God
Then <manager> from Mexico says I should discuss <appraisal> with John Doe
And on and on
[Andrej says:]
Hmm... When we had the <old appraisal system>, we were able to add client's e-mails to show the good work we were doing.
Since it changed to <appraisal system> I never saw it happening.
Not to me, at least.
[William says:]
Don't you tell me
Not from the company or anyone
It seems that all my work and recognition goes down the drain
Even more now that Roderick is my declared enemy
[Andrej says:]
Wow! Why?
[William says:]
I got so much respect here at <client> that I got a "go" to work remotely from France for about 10 days, during a time of the year that I don't have that many calls
[Andrej says:]
Have you visited France?
[William says:]
I just got a go
So I should have gone without telling anyone, right?
But I wanted to do everything by the book
So I went to Roderick to get an OK from him
[Andrej says:]
Oh, my...
[William says:]
So, by phone
He never called me for any business
He never showed up here or anything
He has no idea of my work here
Or how much work it is
He had the guts to tell me in his most sarcastic way
No, you cannot do that
And there's more

Since you have time enough to plan your little travel
Next week you come to <company>'s office for a week and I'll take you on a "shopping spree" in <compay>'s processes
I said OK
Next week I was there
The whole week
He didn't look me in the face
He didn't address me
He asked me to wait so we could talk by the end of the day
He left without saying a word
Then it was Friday
He hadn't addressed me yet
Nothing happened, so I went back to <client>
F***ing lack of respect
After that I don't talk to him anymore because I got I won't get any help from him
[Andrej says:]
Oh, my... I had some issues with Roderick, so I know exactly what you're talking about.

Well, as John Does is your manager, send an e-mail straight to him.
[William says:]
OK, I'll talk to <Mexican manager>
I'll try one more time
If he doesn't know anything then I'll talk to John Doe

[Andrej says:]
Good luck.
[William says:]

Last time I heard of William, he had left for greener pastures.

Next week we'll get back to our transpiler series and we're going to update VB6.

Andrej Biasic