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WTF, VB6! Part 8

And I thought we were over with this series...
I was reading about IEEE 754 floating-point addition not being commutative, so I went to check how VB6 would do using the same code.
That's when hilarity ensued. Let me show you something worth a thousand words:

Visual Studio IDE running code
(.GIF made with ScreenToGif)

WTF!?! I can't explain what's happening here.
Right after opening Visual Studio and pasting the code, it reports that the two variables are different when first running it.
From the second time onwards, it changes its mind and find them equal.

When I change the line from "d1 = d2" to "d1 - d2", I get a first print of "-1.11022302462516E-16", then zero afterwards.
I'm baffled.

Next week, I'll bite the bullet and do something I've been avoiding since the beginning of our "Let's build a transpiler" series: Implement change-casing functions, like UCase and LCase.

Word of the year 2020: Cancel

This past year, 2020, was the year when the Olympic Games were cancelled.
In modern times, it had only happened because of World War I and II. Now, we can add the pandemic to the list of reasons.
Not only the Olympic Games were cancelled: Sport events, movie releases, even comic books were cancelled to name a few. Or should I say postponed?

Anyway, rightly or wrongly, people were cancelled too. At least, the first time I heard of people being cancelled was in 2020.

Another thing cancelled last year was the contract between my last employer and I. I was short of working there for 100 months by 6 days.

I decided to not hunt for a job. I had enough of "where do you see yourself in five years?" BS. And I am already retired.
The downside is that I had a massive decrease in my incoming. I used to spend around 3% of my salary in comic books.
If nothing changed, I would start spending over 12% on them. That's why I cancelled buying most of my usual comics.
My younger brother stopped reading them in 2012. He had enough reboots rebooting old reboots and stuff.
Now I kinda join him.

I wish I was somehow able to cancel this melancholic feeling I'm having, too.

Andrej Biasic