Metamorphing Machine I rather be this walking metamorphosis
than having that old formed opinion about everything!

Fun time!

This is my attempt at being fun.
I hope it is at least mildly entertaining to you.

The following four snippets were found in production:

int qty = int.Parse(User.Principal.Sales.Count.ToString());
Note that Count is already an int. There's no need to turn it into a string to parse it back to int...

'If the list is empty, I don't raise any specific error. I left the caller to notice the problem...
If rsADO.EOF And rsADO.BOF Then GoTo Clean_Exit

It doesn't seem "Clean Exit" to me...

Function LocalDateTime(Optional dtDateTime As Date = 0) As Date
'STUB: It needs to check if there's a better way of doing it!!
'Description: Provides local date/time when in an American server.
'Created: May/07/2002
'Last change: May/14/2002
If dtDateTime = 0 Then dtDateTime = Now
LocalDateTime = DateAdd("h", 2, dtDateTime)
End Function

Thank God there's no such a thing as daylight saving time. Oh, wait...

Old ABAP programmers use null. Modern ones have better alternatives:

move ':(' to t_vtweg-low.

When people leave the company, sometimes they send an email thanking everyone who helped them there.
I received one from Renard (not his real name) with 71 other persons in CC.

A few minutes later there was this e-mail in my inbox:
(I slightly changed the text to protect the guilty.)

Hello Renard,

It was a pressure for me to work with you.
You are for sure a team player that any manager would want to have as part of their team.
All the best to you!

Roderick Marmelade

I thought it was weird to say something like that to someone leaving the company, but, oh well.
Then a couple of minutes later there was another incoming e-mail:

Hi, Renard,

I meant to say "pleasure" to work with you... Please, sorry, my bad!

Roderick Marmelade

Finally, my very first strip comic!

Some managers listem carefully to what you say. There are those who your words go on one ear and out the other. But there are some to whom they go on one ear and not out the other because the sound does not travel in a vacuum.

(Why, yes, I did it using MSPaint, thank you very much!)

Next week we'll straighten some things to resume working on our transpiler.

Andrej Biasic