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Keeping tabs on the competition

Last time I said we would convert our transpiler into VBScript again, but I can't help myself in sharing what I've stumbled upon while browsing the internet lately.
We'll get back to our transpiler in a couple of weeks, though.
From time to time I try to find any other mad soul out there who is trying to bring VB6 back.
To my surprise, last time I tried it I've found not only one, but two "competitors": RAD Basic and twinBasic.

Hardly believing, I tried to educate myself about both projects. RAD Basic is being brought to life by Carles Royan, a programmer from Barcelona, Spain.
He even started a campaign at KickStarter. (Unfortunately it did not reach its goal.)
I've enjoyed listening to Carles' interview to QB64 Report, too.

Then, I had a crazy idea: What about I interview Carles about it?
I never did such a thing before, but, oh well, what can possibly go wrong?
So, I reached out to him, and he was gracious enough to answer some questions of mine by e-mail.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, here is my first ever interview:
(Note: All links below were inserted by me.)

Andrej Congratulations on your effort in bringing back VB6 after your RAD Basic KickStarter campaign.
Unfortunately it did not go well.
What do you attribute it?
Carles It's hard to say. I think multi-factor:
• Not enough exposure/promo. Some people reached me today (2021-05-06) after TheRegister news, when campaign was over.
• Lack of confidence because there aren't [sic] a company (behind it.)
• TwinBasic?¿?
Andrej How did you promote RAD Basic? Carles Different ways:
• Social media/website;
• Mailing and contact to companies using it (VB6);
• Contacting portals to get exposure.
Andrej Do you still intend in working on it in your spare time? What are your plans now? Carles I will continue working in it. I've just launch(ed) a new Patreon campaign for getting monthly funding. Andrej You said that your plans to RAD Basic include it being multi-platform.
VB6 and RAD Basic are COM based technologies. COM outside Windows is virtually non-existent. How would you approach that?
Carles RAD Basic supports COM, but its core is not written in COM. When you goes to multi-platform, you have to leave out COM. If you could go with no third-party dependencies, RAD Basic CORE will be multi-platform, as new implementation don't depend of COM. Although you always could go with a wrapper coClass and expose a COM class from plain C void. Andrej What about GUI? How would it work in other OSes apart from Windows? Carles It is not developed yet, but I have the idea of go with a well established multi-platform GUI. GTK could be great. Andrej Did you think in seeking for community help to build RAD Basic?
If you did, what happened?
If you didn't, why not?
Carles I had contact with many people, some of them willing to help. Andrej You've used C# to build your compiler. What are, in your opinion, C#'s greatest features compared to VB-centric languages, like VB6 and VB.NET? Carles In fact the decision was because ANTLR do the output to C# and not VB.NET. I really love VB-centric languages. Andrej What question(s) did you really, really wanted me to ask you but I failed at it? Carles I don't know at this moment. Pretty good questions.

Thank you very much for this interview, Carles!
Next week we won't go back to our transpiler yet. We will celebrate an anniversary and I will mourn a loss.

Andrej Biasic