Metamorphing Machine I rather be this walking metamorphosis
than having that old formed opinion about everything!

Happy birthday, Visual Basic!

Tomorrow Visual Basic turns 30! 🎂 🎈 🥳 🎁
As I suck in celebrating this achievement, I'll get a quote from the Internet instead:
“I just want to say, happy birthday
To you, my dear, dear friend
You have always been there for me
And our friendship will never end!”

It's funny, until it isn't

My brother is two years younger than me.
One day, when we were kids, he told me some guy from school said he would beat him for whatever reason the next day.
The next day I went there to talk to that guy. He was known as "Big Cid."
I have always been a tall man, so I think it intimidated him, and he gave up in hurting my brother.
Had he known I never went into a fight up to that day - and, in fact, my whole life -, things could have gone differently.
I didn't interact much with him after that incident.

Fast forward a few decades. We have this new thing now called Facebook.
For a while I had a page there, but I let it go. It was too much trouble for little benefit, in my opinion.
My wife still has. I got to know her because she studied in my brother's class. She knew Big Cid.

So, my wife and Big Cid became Facebook friends. Then there was The Great Divide.
It happened when people elected a particular guy to be The President.

In this post-divide world there are two kinds of people. You-are-with-me or You-are-against-me.
My wife and I had our share of left-wing and right-wing partisan governments.
The left-wing leader is a liar. A pathological liar.
The right-wing leader is a psycho. Period.
I suppose you can call us centrists, then?

Well, one day my wife Facebook-liked something mocking the psycho and Big Cid took offense. He blocked her.
From that I can infer - but cannot be sure - that he was the kind of person who thinks wearing a mask is a political stance.
That the mind-blowing number of deaths due to the pandemic has nothing to do with his Great Leader inaction.

These last few days have been tough for me. I cannot stand to watch the news anymore.
We know what needs to be done: Wear a mask, wash our hands, keep social distancing. Every news channels will let you know that.
And we know that some people would not do that, no matter what. We can see them in the news, day after day after day after day...

I find consolation in knowing that, according to some estimates, these right-wing fanatics are only 30% of the population.
But then I think that probably there's another 30% left-wing fanatics lurking around.
That makes up to 60% of fanatics. I am in the 40% minority.

I'm so frustrated that I started saying those people should, indeed, go out there not wearing masks, not washing their hands, and not keeping any kind of distance.
Some of them will certainly die. So, let them die.
(Unfortunately, they will carry with them some other people who shouldn't.)
It's like when people mock anti-vaxxers.
It's a good thing this kind of people would not spread through the world, ah, ah, amirite?

We were informed Big Cid got COVID-19.
From there, things escalated quickly. He's dead.

I did not know that guy well, but it disturbed me. I don't know what to make of it.
He left wife and kids.
My brother, my wife, and I cannot even go there to say goodbye.

Things like Darwin Awards are funny, until it's not.

Next week we we'll get back to our transpiler.

Andrej Biasic